Welcome to USAATO!  At USAATO, you can find USAATO clothes made from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The fabrics are mostly handspun and hand woven from  cotton, hemp and silk with natural plants  dyeing by women in local areas of northeastern and north of Thailand and some parts of Laos.

All fabrics are once gathered at “USAATO SIAM” in Chiang Mai and then delivered for sewing process. USAATO clothes are sewn by individuals and groups outbound Chiang Mai, not by the company’s factory. 
(One part of our products is from machine-weaving.)
This project helps the independence of local women.

USAATO clothes are selling all over the world by USAATO partners called coordinators in the forms of exhibitions. USSATO NEW YORK  will hold exhibition every 3 months at CRS (Center for Remembring and Sharing) 123 4th Ave 2FL New York ,NY 10016. Normally exhibition is held during weekend for 2-3 days. 

 Please check our exhibition’s schedules at the site .

Our products are Men, Women, Children Clothes (Tops , Bottoms) , Samue(monk's working clothes) and scarves,  stalls. Sleeping wears are also available. 


Born in Hokkaido in 1948. Worked as a designer with companies in Japan, before moving to Washington DC and then Brussels, where he designed haute couture. He later traveled around Asia in search of special fabrics. Upon discovering the indigenous fabrics of Thailand, he relocated to Chiang Mai to make clothing into which life is breathed using hand-woven fabrics made with naturally-dyed, hand-spun thread. These clothes are sent to Japan under the Usaato label and sold at exhibitions held by people who share the blessings of the message invested in the clothes.


Extend the "life cycle" through clothing.

Mr. Sato Utaburo, a clothing designer, said: "Usaato's clothes" is a work done by villagers in the northeast of Thailand. Starting from cotton cultivation to fiber spinning to sewing. The work pattern is The inheritance of natural clothing. The importance of the joy of all the people. Salesman and wearer More than the most profitable economic effect. The wearer will feel the softness of the fiber. Wear and feel comfortable. 

I need a cloth with life force.

I work in clothing design for about 40 years, most of the garment to European high class cut dress. Dining Set Dinner Party But one day in the year. 1991 I got a spiritual experience. I changed my mind to 180 degrees. I heard It's a good idea to have a look at this. In the present I did not feel the charm of the clothes I had sewed earlier. And can not work like that anymore. I asked myself for four years what I would do.

I started to wonder what was the "true feature of clothing". Previously, I used to think that the true attribute of clothing was fashion. I think the feature of clothing is to wear clothes that have "life", the way we bring the power of nature to dress is to take care of our body. Wearing clothes that are cut with natural materials helps the skin breathe better than clothing made from chemical materials. The idea was to start the journey to find out if there was a fabric like this. In two years time, I traveled eight countries to search for fabrics. And finally, I found in Chiang Mai. The procedure is detailed and hands-on. The wearer will experience the full power of nature because it is. Fabrics that bring the most natural gift. Hand woven neatly.When I was convinced that this was a genuine woven fabric I wanted to find. I went to ask the villagers in the village to weave.

Not subject to the villagers weaving. And change the way of life.

What I value most is not to lose the way of life of the villagers. I will not set the time to weave and do not set the amount of weaving for each person. I do not feel that. "Work to earn substantial money" My way of thinking is that. If the villagers can live a normal life. It would be wonderful. I think so because the work done each day varies according to their mood. When people's way of life is this way, I do not want to make people change their way of life just to work for me. And I want people to work when he wants to do. I focus on working with a clear mind that focuses on performance.The villagers do not think that they work for money. I let the villagers work according to the conditions and emotions of each person. I respect all the fabric that the villagers finished. I feel like the villagers please share to me. So no contract. Work together with confidence. 

The fabric is woven with the creative power of a weaver.

After the fabric is a matter of design. I will not order the villagers want to weave such a clear concrete. But I will use other means. The fabric is dyed indigo beautifully to the villagers. Or bring the ancient Japanese fabrics to the locals. I did not say to the villagers that I wanted a dyed fabric like the stars in the night sky. I'm just curious to see people blurred. Then look at the stars in the sky at night together. I think that's how they draw their imagination.


At first, I bought a cloth we finished all the tracts and described the defects. To this day, I can hardly see the woven fabric is not used at all. Quality of work I can feel the feeling of being together with the villagers through the cloth. I talked to each cloth. I also think that fabric is a living thing. I try to use the cloth scissors to a minimum. And the width of the fabric as much as possible. I will let each shirtman take care of each set from start to finish. Do not split the sewing to other technicians. This will make the blacksmith happy with the creation.

At present, there are villagers dyeing. Weaving and sewing more than 500 people in 6 communities. The men in the village who went to work in the city came back to the village and came to work. Some families do the whole family. I was impressed by the simple way of life of the locals. And we see the return of the community as a community. Be more spiritual than value the object. I learned the traditional culture of the villagers. And a way of life rooted deep into the earth. I feel painful to have lived through forgetting the land. Forget the earth, and the feet of the earth. I think the villagers understand the meaning of living on the earth as well.