Q: Approximately how much do your clothes cost?

A: It depends on kinds of textile and designs but approximate cost for tops are from 8,000 yen to 20,000 yen, while bottoms cost about 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen. Coats cost around 30,000 yen.

Q:Do you have any online shops? 

A:  Yes. https://usaato.net/

Q:Can I use credit card?

A: Yes.

Q:Can I find all items at exhibitions?

A: At the same period, item lineup is not so different among all exhibitions but designs, sizes and fabrics are obviously different in each exhibition.

Q:Do you provide any catalog?

A: Catalogs are unavailable because our items of each design and fabric are mostly unique ones. Then, it is difficult to explain and put these details in catalogs.

Q:Can I buy USAATO handmade fabrics?

A: We do not provide any fabric.

Q:Can I visit producing places?

A: We do not have any service on this matter.

Q:Can I order colors or patterns?

A: Particularly request to send any item to exhibitions or special orders for each item are not available.

Q:Do the items change despite of seasons?

A; Since the fabrics are hand spun and hand woven, they do not differ from one another on such as thickness and etc. However, in summer, you can find short sleeves tops and short pants while in winter, you can find coats in various designs.

Q:How about sizes?

A: There are 4 sizes; ②④⑥⑧ ranking from small to large one. Depending on designs, some only have 2 sizes or 1 size such as free size.

Q:Please explain how to wash USAATO clothes.

A: Because USAATO clothes are from natural materials, we recommend gentle wash with natural detergent. Please find details below.

How to treat cotton, linen  Washing

  • - To preserve the texture and color of cotton, linen, and Japanese paper products it is highly recommended to wash with pure natural soap.

  • - Wash all garments inside out in a fine-mesh net. Please make sure detergent, or soap does not come into direct contact with the dyed material. Dissolve in water first.

  • - Do not use bleach. Some household detergents contain bleach please check before use.

  • - Keep natural dyed products out of direct sunlight. When drying outside please dry in a shaded area.

  • - Dark colors may transfer to lighter colors, please wash dark colors separately.

  • List of substances to avoid with natural dyed products

  • Strong Alkali-Detergent comes into direct contact with a wet product
    -Pure natural soap comes into contact with a wet product
    -Strong cleansers and bleach

  • Acid-Vinegar
    -Citric Acid (lemons, etc.)

  • Sunlight-Prolonged exposure to directed sunlight

  • Iron and Copper-Wet fabric comes into contact with metal

Q:Can I buy made-to-order clothes?

A: Made-to-order clothes are not available.

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