Usaato New York

The periodical sale of Usaato clothes which made of natural materials like organic hemp, cotton and silk and dyed with plants will be carried out in New York. 2018 first Exhibition will hold at CRS(Center for Remembering and Sharing) on March 20 & 21 There is a performance with Whirling Sema/Rumi dancer Ms.Sayoko Lale Williams and Mid Eastern instruments player Tomchess . The perform will start from 7pm.

The first design of the clothes which Mr. Usaburo Sato got an idea from clothes of Sema/Rumi whirling dance. Place : CRS(Center for Remembering and Sharing ) 123 4th Ave 2Fl New york, NY 10016 Time: Mar 20 Tue 12pm - 7pm 7pm the performing starts

Mar 21 Wed 12pm - 6pm

Contact : CRS 212-677-8621 or 914-703-8018 Senko or

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